Glacial ⬥ Elementalist ⬥ Champion

Updated for patch 9.19



Rabadon's Deathcap
Seraph's Embrace
Great against stacked corners.
Data is based on Scarra's video. Suggestions? Comment below or on this google sheet.

Glacial Storm

Active ability

Creates a large hailstorm that lasts 6 seconds, dealing 66.67 / 91.67 / 116.67 damage every 0.5 seconds for a total of 800 / 1100 / 1400 magic damage and slowing the attack speed of all enemies inside by 50 / 70 / 90%. The storm is not canceled when she dies.


class synergies

Innate: Elementalists' basic attacks grant twice as much mana. Synergy: While at least3 Elementalists are in play, at the start of combat, summons a Golem adjacent to one of your Elementalists, in the closest empty hex to an enemy. This effect will fail if there are no valid spaces. The Golem has 2200 health, 100 attack damage, and 40 armor.


origin synergies

Glacials' basic attacks have a chance to stun their target for 1.5 seconds.

  • 2 Glacials: 20%
  • 4 Glacials: 33%
  • 6 Glacials: 50%