Void ⬥ Sorcerer ⬥ Champion

Updated for patch 9.19



Rapid Firecannon
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Dragon's Claw
Phantom Dancer
Data is based on Scarra's video. Suggestions? Comment below or on this google sheet.

Nether Blade

Passive ability

Basic attacks reduce target's current mana by 25 / 50 / 75, granting a shield for the same amount lasting 4 seconds. The shield can stack.


class synergies

Innate: Sorcerers' basic attacks grant twice as much mana. Synergy: All allies gain ability power.


origin synergies

Basic attacks and Special Abilities from select Void units deal true damage.

  • 2 Void units: A random void ally.
  • 4 Void units: All Void units.