Noble ⬥ Gunslinger ⬥ Champion

Updated for patch 9.19



Blade of the Ruined King
Cursed Blade
Red Buff
Luden's Echo
Lucian with a Luden is fantastic early to mid game.
Data is based on Scarra's video. Suggestions? Comment below or on this google sheet.

Relentless Pursuit

Active ability

Dashes away from his current target and then attacks twice. The first attack is a standard basic attack that deals physical damage, while the second deals 100 / 225 / 350 magic damage.


class synergies

Gunslingers' basic attacks have a 50% chance to fire additional bullets at other enemies within range. These bullets deal damage like basic attacks and apply on-hit effects.


origin synergies

At the start of combat, select allies gain 50 armor and 50 magic resistance and basic attacks restore 30 health on-hit:

  • 3 Nobles: A random ally.
  • 6 Nobles: The whole team.