Yordle ⬥ Sorcerer ⬥ Champion

Updated for patch 9.16B



Seraph's Embrace
Hextech Gunblade
Dragon's Claw
Phantom Dancer
Rapid Firecannon
Data is based on Scarra's video. Suggestions? Comment below or on this google sheet.

Primordial Burst

Active ability

Deals 300 / 550 / 800 magic damage to the target enemy. If the target is a lower star level than Veigar, the target is executed.


class synergies

Innate: Sorcerers' basic attacks grant twice as much mana. Synergy: Sorcerers grant ability power to their team.


origin synergies

Yordles have a chance to dodge enemy basic attacks and on-hit effects.

  • 3 Yordles: 30%
  • 6 Yordles: 55%