Updated for patch 9.19


Demon's basic attacks have a 40% chance to reduce target's current mana by 20 and restore mana to the Demon.

  • 2 Demons: 15 mana
  • 4 Demons: 30 mana
  • 6 Demons: 45 mana


While at least 2 Dragons are in play, all Dragons gain 75% resistance to magic damage.


Ability power.


Glacials' basic attacks have a chance to stun their target for 1.5 seconds.

  • 2 Glacials: 20%
  • 4 Glacials: 33%
  • 6 Glacials: 50%


At the start of combat, an ally Hextech launches and detonates a pulse bomb at an enemy unit with at least one item, temporarily disabling nearby enemy items for 7 seconds.

  • 2 Hextech: within a 1 hex radius
  • 4 Hextech: within a 2 hex radius


At the start of combat, select Imperials are empowered to deal double damage. This does not affect items.

  • 2 Imperials: One random Imperial
  • 4 Imperials: All Imperials


Ninjas gain bonus attack damage and ability power.

  • Exactly 1 Ninja: This Ninja gains 50 attack damage and 50 ability power.
  • Exactly 4 Ninjas: All Ninjas gain 80 attack damage and 80 ability power.


At the start of combat, select allies gain 50 armor and 50 magic resistance and basic attacks restore 30 health on-hit:

  • 3 Nobles: A random ally.
  • 6 Nobles: The whole team.


While at least2 Phantoms are in play, at the start of combat, a random enemy's health is set to 100. Works against epic monsters, but deals less damage.


While at least1.75 per chest.


Robots begin combat with full mana.


Basic attacks and Special Abilities from select Void units deal true damage.

  • 2 Void units: A random void ally.
  • 4 Void units: All Void units.


Select allies become empowered, causing their basic attacks to generate stacks of Fury, up to 5. Each stack gives 12% attack speed, up to 60% attack speed.

  • 2 Wildlings: Allied Wildlings.
  • 4 Wildlings: All allies, and additionally basic attacks cannot be dodged.


Yordles have a chance to dodge enemy basic attacks and on-hit effects.

  • 3 Yordles: 30%
  • 6 Yordles: 60%
  • 9 Yordles: 90%